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Who has a plan? One New Hampshire voter believes she knows

Johanna Wenger and Jeb Bush Johanna Wenger and Jeb Bush

Her phone rings all the time.  That’s life in New Hampshire as candidates search for every vote in the nation’s first Presidential primary.

To get a personal look at the process, I turned to a longtime friend of mine, retired middle school principal Laurie Wenger who lives midway between Nashua and Manchester.

Traditionally, candidates have been very accessible to New Hampshire voters by attending small town Fourth of July parades and town hall meetings.  She cited Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders as examples of those who turned out to personally ask for votes. She said that regardless of a prospective voters’ political leaning, citizens turn out to listen to Republican and Democratic candidates alike.

But Wenger told me other candidates, like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not been accessible on a personal level, and that runs counter to the way folks in New Hampshire traditionally make up their minds.

“Trump has always had the big rallies.  He has not engaged in the town halls…You need to be get out there and be at the diners and the town halls and meet the candidates…If I wanted to, I could go 5 miles up the road and go see Marco Rubio tonight, or go over and see Ted Cruz or [John] Kasich or any of them.  They are all pretty much accessible,” she said.

She said she will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, whom she felt is held to a higher standard than the other candidates.  “I think she walks a very fine line and has to be presidential even in her appearance…If she were to have the same bombastic approach as Bernie Sanders, it could be construed as hormonal or a woman or what have you,” she said.

When it comes to content rather than delivery, Wenger said, “Hillary Clinton always has a plan…For any topic she has had to address, she has had a substantive response.”

“I really feel that Hillary Clinton…is the only one who can say 'no’ to some of the world leaders that need to have ‘no’ said to them,” Wenger said.

She gives Sanders credit for attracting younger people to the political process, but described him as a “one horse show”.  “When he talks about free college and…all these things, it’s got to be paid for, someplace,” she said.

The final Fox News poll shows, despite his lack of appearances at town hall meetings, Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over his closest Republican opponent, Marco Rubio.

Among the Democrats, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a wide margin of support over Hillary Clinton.

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