Editorial: Lottery

Editorial: Lottery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - What do you say we end the debate once and for all on a state lottery and pass legislation this year up or down.

There is a bill that has passed a house committee that would allow a lottery proposal to go to the people of Alabama for a vote in November.  The people of Alabama are smart enough to decide whether or not the revenue benefits of having our own state lottery is worth it.  Apparently our lawmakers think we're not that smart, and we need them to help save us from ourselves.

Whatever your beliefs are regarding a lottery in Alabama, the fact of the matter is thousands and thousands of Alabamians are participating in lotteries right now. Why should our state continue to not fully reap the benefits of taxes to capture much needed revenue for schools, prisons and health needs? Right now many of us are doing that for neighboring states twice a week.

So, for the political powers that be and the anti-lottery pundits that do not, cannot and will not ever support such activity in Alabama, please tell me why your position on this topic should continue to be our position?

Here is an easy way for this very old conversation to end. Provide the people of Alabama the opportunity to vote "yes" or "no" for a taxed and regulated lottery in Alabama. If voted down then it is over. If approved into law each of us can then make the choice on participating in the lottery going forward.

It just seems simple and even democratic.

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