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Choose Technology: the New VISX Star S3 Active Trak

A whole new dimension in technology and safety by the leaders in laser vision correction. The ONLY laser vision correction system that offers all these features!

  • Accuracy - Variable Sized Beams:  Seven variable sized beams give the doctor greater flexibility and allow for faster, smoother treatment with precise corneal shaping.
  • Safety - 3-D Active Eye Tracking:  ActiveTrak is the only system that allows the doctor to track your eye movement in all three dimensions during the treatment, for greater control.
  •  Comfort - No Dilation Required:  Unlike other systems, with ActiveTrak the doctor does not have to dilate your pupils. This means an even quicker recovery time.
  • Experience - Active Trak is made by VISX, the name that doctors have trusted in over 2 million procedures.


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