Editorial Feedback: Lottery

Editorial feedback: Lottery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I discussed the prospect of a lottery bill. As always this topic creates a lot of feedback. 95% of the feedback was pro vote but there were some well thought out comments on the lottery and the Legislature in general. Here are a few of those comments.

Frank is obviously not happy with our legislators.

"You are a relative newcomer to the state of Alabama.  The senate and the house do not care what the people think?  They are only interested in getting reelected. If an Alabamian would have won the recent Powerball lottery, the state would have been foaming at the mouth looking for their 40 million in taxes."

Philip did not agree at all with my opinion.

"Your position is 100% disingenuous. It did go before the people. The people said no. If you want to make the case for the state spending millions of dollars to trick poor people out of their cash because those in power don't want to govern, then make the case. But don't pretend the issue is about letting the people decide."

Philip and I may disagree but his last statement on what the issue is about has validity. That leads us to the last comment. Beth asked the question that many are asking every day.

"My question is who are we going to put in charge of how the money is handled? The folks in charge of our budgets now don't seem to know how to do it right. My suggestion: put a group of 'regular' folks in charge, those who've had to live on a tight budget, use coupons and watch every penny. I bet they'd make sure it was spent like it should and not be wasted or misspent."

To Philip and Beth's point, is the lottery really the answer, or will any amount or money be enough if the money is mismanaged?

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