Editorial: Helping each other

Editorial: Helping each other

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The satisfaction of getting a paycheck and working makes all us feel really good. It means you are supporting yourself, your family and are a productive member of your community.

However, not everyone has a job. Some are graduating from school, others may have been laid off, while some just want a change. When facing joblessness, despair sets in and can paralyze a person.  So many do not know where to turn after landing in this situation.

Letting people know there is hope that a new job is waiting around the corner is exciting. This is why I am so proud of the successes we saw at the WSFA 12 News, Alabama Department of Labor, City of Montgomery Job Fair.

I would like to personally thank the 77 businesses who attended, as you dedicated the time to invest back into your community, putting people back to work. Thanks for support, resources and organization from Mayor Todd Strange, Governor Robert Bentley and Department of Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald Washington. This event shows the power of partnerships and how working together can really make a difference in helping our friends and neighbors turn their lives around!

Finally, my wish for the nearly 3,500 people who attended the event is you found hope and you now see a path to landing that new job. To those who are out of work and did not attend, my promise is this: we will do another job fair before the year is out and it will be bigger and better. I hope we will see you then!

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