Editorial: Good news from the Legislature

Editorial: Good news from the Legislature

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Legislature is in full swing, and there are some interesting things going on up on the hill. We will talk more about that next week. I want to talk about an amendment, produced by our legislature in 2015, that will be on the ballot on Tuesday. Statewide Amendment One, sponsored as a bill by State Senator Arthur Orr of Decatur, would do away with the supernumerary system that is in place for district attorneys and circuit clerks.

When people retire as a supernumerary they remain on the states payroll with the understanding that if needed in an emergency they would come back and serve.

Currently, circuit clerks and district attorneys do not pay anything toward their future supernumerary benefits. After meeting certain service requirements, the taxpayers pay them a life time benefit from current revenue. There is no fund for the payment of these benefits.

If the amendment is voted in by you then these elected officials will begin making contributions to a funded retirement like other state employees. Phasing out the supernumerary system could save the state as much as $300 million according to some.

Senator Orr and the Legislature have done their part to push through a piece of financially prudent legislation, something we all complain that they do not do enough of. Now it is in your hands to pass it.

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