Editorial: The system is working

Editorial: The system is working

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Earlier this week I stood here and said that we would need patience as the process played out in the Gregory Gunn shooting. Within hours of that editorial the District Attorney held a press conference and said the process had led to an arrest warrant for AC Smith. The arrest warrant is not an indictment. That is up to a Grand Jury. It was though, another step in the process.

The shooting and subsequent death of Mr. Gunn is a tragedy no doubt. The system that is in place to deal with the legal side of the tragedy is working and everyone involved in that system is to be commended. There is a long ways to go with this investigation. Many more facts need to be gathered and the grand jury will need to determine if an indictment is warranted. All part of the system put in place by leaders with forethought.

A bill filed by Rep. John Knight of Montgomery would require the City Council to develop procedures to investigate all perceived police misconduct. This would give City Council knowledge of the investigation therefore possible input on the direction of the investigation.

I cannot disagree more with this bill. If anything, the last week has told us that turning everything over to an outside investigator and limiting the amount of local officials with knowledge and influence is the right thing to do.

This investigation is not over and patience will be needed for some time. In the end a man is dead and another very young man's life is altered in one way or another forever. I am proud to say my city leaders have the courage to be transparent and stand behind the system they put in place.

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