Judge orders tapes turned over in Hubbard case

Judge orders tapes turned over in Hubbard case

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A judge has ordered a political consultant to turn over recordings of phone conversations he had with the lead prosecutor in House Speaker Mike Hubbard's ethics case.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker on Wednesday ordered Baron Coleman to turn over recordings of conversations with prosecutor Matt Hart. Walker also directed Coleman to give him copies of emails.

Hubbard's defense is arguing the case should be dismissed because of prosecutorial misconduct.

Coleman, who worked for Hubbard's primary opponent in 2014, has testified that he spoke often with Hart and spread rumors during the election based on those conversations.

Prosecutors say Coleman was an informant, providing them information, so the conversations were proper.

Hubbard faces trial in two weeks on charges that he used his public positions to benefit his businesses and clients.

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