Child Killed, Three Sent to Hospital in Autauga County Crash

The Seabon family was almost home when fate took an ugly turn. "It sounded like a bomb," says Elizabeth.

Duramus heard the crash and was first on the scene. "The girl called my name. 'Liz help me.' That's when I went over to them and she said get my baby out," recalls Duramus.

Veronica Love also heard the crash and a familiar voice coming from one of the vehicles. It was her cousin Tomika. Love says, "I heard her say 'my baby my baby".

Skid marks indicate where the cars collided taking out a row of mailboxes. Thomas Surles car collided with Tomika Davis and her husband Jessie Seabon's car. "I know they were checking their mail box," says Love.

The Seabon's car wound up in the bushes "I pulled Jessie out. I couldn't get the baby out, couldn't get her out," says Duramus.

Love says the Seabon's four year old boy Jackory was thrown from his car seat. "He was thrown inside the car. I guess he hit the front".

For Love, every time she checks her mail it will be a reminder of her young cousin who was taken too soon. "Somebody that you knew died here. This was the cause, this was the spot where it happened," says Love.

Thomas Surles is in critical condition in a Montgomery hospital. Tomika Davis is in critical condition in a Birmingham Hospital. Her husband Jessie is in fair condition at a Montgomery Hospital.

State Troopers are investigating the accident.