Editorial Feedback: Teacher pay raise

Editorial Feedback: Teacher pay raise

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week the Alabama House passed an Education Trust Fund budget that included a pay raise for teachers, and we aired an editorial supporting the pay raise. The responses we received were about 75% in favor. First, the opposed.

Melanie said:

"Some need raises. Some need a boot to the behind right out of the school and off the taxpayers' dime."

Kevin wrote:

"Some deserve a raise, others deserve to be let go."

Marcus commented:

"For the products they are turning out? No way."

Todd was a little more expressive in his positive response:

"As the husband of a teacher who watches his wife work long into the night grading papers, or making lesson plans, or helping a student she taught years ago who is now in college, or calmly talking with sometimes rude and disrespectful parents, or explaining to them that every other child in the class room knew about the assignment, or driving to the other side of town to help a student with a test coming up, or spending hundreds of dollars every year of her own money buying basic school supplies for the kids, or having to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to bus duty so the kids are safe, or having to monitor the bathrooms so almost grown students will behave as they should even though she has two college degrees and all the while never complaining but caring about each student as a person… all I can say is, long overdue."

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