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Having several tattoos possibly prevents sickness

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Researchers at The University of Alabama conducted a study on whether having several tattoos could prevent individuals from getting sick. 

The team learned when the body undergoes stress, like the repeated stress of getting tattoos, the body sees less immune system suppression.

This can build up antibodies which helps the body fight viruses like colds.

Christopher Lynn, a researcher at the University of Alabama, isn't quite ready though to say the more tattoos you have, the less likely you'll get sick.

His study started in 2012 with a 29-person group of 24 women and five men.

Of the 29, there were people with zero hours of tattoo work up to those who spent more than 240 hours under the needle.

Lynn says the research suggests the more repeated stress your body goes through, the more antibodies it can make.

"The antibody count actually went up, which is what you would hope. If something stresses you, you want your immune system to respond and
not take a nap. That's what we saw which is pretty neat," Lynn said.

Lynn also added that it is the needlework on the skin, not the ink put under it, that could increase the number of antibodies over time.

The study is far from over, though. Lynn will study people from Samoa where he says whole body tattoos have been traditionally accepted for years.

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