Voice Your Opinion on Pope John Paul II

People the world over of every faith and of no faith have been influenced by Pope John Paul II.  What is your opinion of the influence of the Pope?  Where does he stand in the history of religious figures of the world?  Has John Paul II influenced you in any way?

Post your comments in the form below and we will post many of them throughout the day and evening. 

"Being 24 years old, Pope John Paul II is all I have ever known. He gave his life to the Lord and his church up until his last breath. As a Catholic, it makes me so proud to see how much love and respect people around the world have for him, whether they are Catholic or not. I want to thank him for his work in making this world a better, more peaceful place. It is sad to see such a holy man leave this world, but I know that he is in heaven smiling down upon us and praying. He would want all of us to stay strong, keep the faith, and "be not afraid." Thanks for everything, Pope John Paul II. You will be greatly missed". - Matt, Montgomery

"Pope John Paul II- -A JOB WELL DONE!!  I hope we Christians-Catholic and Protestant alike- will take the opportunity in the coming days of mourning to celebrate the faithful life and noble works of a true servant of the Lord. Bless Pope John Paul II"-  Susanne, Montgomery

"I imagine there's a grand and glorious celebration in heaven tonight. Pope John Paul II is with our Lord. I am thankful God loaned such a wonderful man to the people of this world. Obviously he will be remembered as a "man of God" and a great world leader of the 20th century. Surely we shall miss this man who loved all of God's creation." - Beverly

"He was so much more than a man." - JCC, Montgomery

"Pope John Paul will be missed by many cause he was a man of courage . He touched so many lives, Catholic and non-Catholic.  Tthere will be no one to ever fill his shoes.  I will miss him and I hope the work that he did will keep going. He is sadly missed by me and my whole family ."        Shawn, Opelika

"I am not Catholic, but I have had a lot of respect for Pope John Paul, II. He has served our Lord in so many ways, all around the world. He was determined to go out to reach others on so many ways. This included all races, religions;the poor as well as the rich. Even when he was in such bad health, he did not want to let this stop his service to our Lord and Savior. He is not suffering now, for he is in the Heaven above". - Karen, Valley

"The pope is the pope, You listen when he spoke ,You Didn't have to agree but he had your respect and your attention."  Deborah, Montgomery

"It is so nice to have a public major figure that you can actually respect. He is such a well-read, well-educated man. Speaks about 17 languages. He has managed to touch so many people from different parts of the world. What the world lacks today is a lack of respect for so many leaders. He commands that respect and it is given. Even people who are not Catholic respect him and respect the actual "Pope" no matter which one it is. He will be very much missed in this world. His battle with Parkinsons is definitely a fight that we can all watch and admire. It is such a mean disease. The very fact that he has not given up or resigned etc shows his fierce determination to continue in his work no matter how bad his health may be. God Bless him! As the good Lord takes him home, we can be glad that we had him for a while". - Patti Preston Montgomery
I'm a devoted Catholic and I'm praying that the Pope regains his health.I love the Pope.Who will speak for the ones whoes voice can not be heard? Long live the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.- Luis, Maxwell AFB

"The Pope has faught a good fight. He has influenced me the most in that he has not given up. He has continued to struggle but always in good spirit. He has shown me that I do not need to give up even though I feel like giving up. " - Josh, Montgomery

"As in his life, when he goes to his reward,it will bring a new era to this world because of the prophesy. The serpent will be loosed and mankind will face its greatest foe." - Randy, Marbury

The Pope is a figure of strength to people of all nations, religions, and races. I am not Catholic, but I admire his goodness and faith. He will be missed.  - Amy, Andalusia

Pope John Paul II united the world by his extensive travels and his acceptance and tolerance of all people, all faiths, and all nations.  I was fortunate to see him in person at the Vatican in the year 2000.  He looked frail on television at that time, but in person he was vastly different.  When he greeted the people in St. Peter's Square he was glowing and smiling and looked so strong and happy.  We were within 3 feet of him, and he looked as if he stood so straight and tall and had a strength that overtook him as he smiled and waved to the crowds.  His

cheeks were rosy and his smile was so captivating.  He seemed to draw strength and love from the people and it certainly reflected in his appearance.  Seeing him close was an experience I will never forget.

Liz Fryer - Montgomery

Although I have not always agreed with everything the Pope has preached on (I'm a little more liberal than that) I do know that our world would be a far worse place without his work that he has done. - Mike, Camp Hill