Answer sought over who pays Bentley adviser Rebekah Mason

Answer sought over who pays Bentley adviser Rebekah Mason

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As Alabama Democrats and various newspapers call for Gov. Robert Bentley's resignation, the Alabama Republican Party is simply saying "no comment." However we were able to get a Montgomery GOP group to weigh in, and some political analysts say the scandal is about to shift focus.

"There's always a scandal to get through," said Pat Wilson, Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee Chairman.

Three of Alabama's last six governors have been involved in major scandals during their time in office, and the Chairmen of the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee says the salacious comments about Gov. Bentley are tarnishing the party's image.

"We're supposed to be the party of God fearing people," Wilson explained.

Although Wilson says the committee had no official comment regarding the matter, that didn't stop her from weighing in on Bentley's alleged sex scandal.

"I don't want to say I don't believe or I do believe because there are not enough facts available here," Wilson stated.

Facts seem to outweigh questions at this point. Raycom political analyst Ken Hare thinks those questions will shift toward Rebekah Mason,Gov. Bentley's political adviser and the woman with whom he's accused of having an affair.

"There are also questions about how Rebekah Mason is being paid. Although she's acting as a state employee, she is not a state employee. She's being paid and who's paying her? Who Knows?" said Hare.

Hare says he's seen reports that Mason is paid through a 501C4 organization, which doesn't require the disclosure of the income's source.

"Who is putting the money into that organization which in turn is paying her? She has not been a state employee since early in the governor's first term, she worked for a while on the political campaign," said Hare.

As the controversy rages, Wilson says we need to be more careful in what we're thinking.

"He has already said that he's asked for forgiveness and that he feels like he has been forgiven and that this is over and this in in the past, and so at this point I just feel very sorry for him and sorry for us, sorry for the state," Wilson admitted.

Governor Bentley's office declined requests for an interview, but says there are no plans for him to resign.

While the governor has denied any illegal activity to facilitate his "inappropriate comments", another question being asked is whether or not there are any ethics violations that fall under the principles set forth in the Alabama Ethics Act.

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