Our History

Founded in 1995 by Jim Binion and Scott Brandhuber, Advanced Computer Technologies began by focusing on a niche of clients that were utilizing computer software that couldn't find quality training and consulting.

Binion and Brandhuber spent countless hours developing training classes that allowed learning by doing not by just reading. "When you educate someone, they tend to learn by reading. When you train someone, they learn by doing," states Binion.

As their success developed, it began to encompass database development and client server applications. With this, clients began to inquire about Internet connectivity and business application services.

Advanced Computer Technologies knew that in order to continue the success they were achieving, they would need to offer the clients a total package. It was in 1997, that Advanced Computer Technologies merged with World.net and became ACTWorld.net.

Randal Kennedy, owner of World.net, became a partner and filled the role of Network Administrator. This allowed the company to combine application services with Internet connectivity and offer a complete a complete business application solution. As the company continued to increase in clients and services, James Watkins joined the team which allowed us to web enable our applications. He now leads our production team as Project Manager and Chief Solutions Engineer.

The future holds much success for ACTWorld.net and it's employees. We are constantly reevaluating our methods and matching them to the needs of our clients. It prides our company to allow flexibility for all of your businesses Internet needs.