Web Dispatch

Currently being used by the Alabama Forestry Commission, this product allows State Forestries to issue commercial and residential burn permits and assists in the tracking of fires throughout the state. Just last year, this product assisted the Alabama Forestry Commission with issuing over 16,000 permits and tracking 7000 fires throughout the state.

An Administration Module, controlled by the organization, allows individuals and groups of individuals the rights to access various sections of the site. The module, therefore, can restrict access to various functions of the product. By utilizing this product, state forestries save accounting and processing time that means better allocation of resources.

Companies can restrict access to specific areas of Web Dispatch ensuring security of confidential information.  With one click you have the opportunity to view Fires and Burn Permits in your area or other dispatch areas.

You have direct access to issue burn permits with proper security credentials. You can also enter pertinent information such as county, section, township, range, how many acres, owner, type of burn etc.

Web Dispatch also allows reporting of fire by gathering information on location including longitude and latitude, cause, damage assessment, number of dispatched units and land owners. This information is then compiled for database report generation.

To find out how you can utilize Web Dispatch please contact Jim Lay, Director of Sales and Marketing, for further information