Web Time

Last year, the State of Alabama spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to process time sheets and payroll hours by hand.

Each employee's time sheet needed to be verified by hand and then submitted through paper channels increasing the possibility of  human error.

WebTime allows the state to save time and effort by permitting employees to directly enter the hours into a web-based interface. This decreases the processing time and the interval between the entering of the data and employees receiving their pay.

Web Time also provides built in "checks and balance" by having the ability to send notification of the time sheet submittal directly to the supervisor who has ultimate approval before the hours are paid.

WebTime also

  • Accounts for overtime, vacation accrual, holidays and sick pay.
  • Uses color codes for leave and vacation time
  • Enforces time and attendance rules using state regulations for the 3 primary employment status- Exempt, Nonexempt, and Law Enforcement.
  • Allows unlimited Program Activities

Web Time is very versatile.  Find out how your business or state department could benefit from Web Time by contacting ACTWorld.Net.