Web Claim

WebClaim is an Internet based application hosted by ACTWorld.net that allows multiple users to process claims from any location that has internet access.

Web Claim Benefits

  • Enhanced Time and Case Management
  • Improved Response Time
  • Fast File Labeling System
  • Case Assignment, Notification and Acceptance
  • Eliminates Manual Activities

By providing a secure login, companies can restrict access to specific areas of Web Time and ensure security of confidential information.

An information page for each claim allows you to see who is handling a claim and how long the claim has been assigned. It gives you policy information, demographics and all invoices assigned to the claim. An invoice listing is attached to the bottom of the claim.

With just a click  you can search Web Claim using any or all of the following criteria: File Number, Claim Number, Claimant, Date of Loss, or Insuree.

You can also easily find all the invoices that have been applied to this claim. Each invoice includes a line item description on services performed and payments that have been collected.

To find out how Web Claim can help your company contact us at ACTWorld.Net