Web Rehab

Used by both the Alabama and West Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services, Web Rehab matches the needs of prospective employees with disabilities with companies that have opportunities that can satisfy the employee's abilities.

Using a database, the Department of Rehabilitation Services can take a prospective employee and search for available openings that meet his or her requirements. Conversely, a company can search the database for applicants that can satisfy the position's requirement all without seeing the applicant's name or other personal information.

Web Rehab not only saves time and money for state, but also provides a better opportunity for prospetive employees who just happen have a disability.

Using the  Job Inquiry Screen you can easily locate information about specific jobs including the type of job, location of the job, salary and much more.  You can also use other fields on the Inquiry Screen to narrow your search for information.

Entering a new job vacancy is easy with the New Job Details screen.  You may enter OES Codes, Job Title and Description, Contact Information and other pertinent information.

The Applicant Inquiry Screen allows an employer or job development professional to search for a person with a specific job goal or work experience to fill a job opening. You can search by the applicant's job preference, location, educational level or other criteria. You simply tell Web Rehab the qualities you are seeking in your employee and Web Rehab will provide you with a list of applicants who meet your requirements.

Web Rehab also easily provides you a list of all jobs in the Job Bank.

To find out how Web Rehab can help your business or non-profit organization contact us at ACTWorld.Net.