Editorial: Alabama politics

Editorial: Alabama politics

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Politics.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger this pops up. The Governor is accused of having an affair, though both parties deny it. The Governor has apologized for his inappropriate conversations. Whatever has happened, it seems to have been enough to cause Mrs. Bentley to stop being Mrs. Bentley. Is that enough for him to resign? It's a debatable topic. Looking at our country's history it would seem like the answer would be no.

There is no denying that it is another huge embarrassment for the state. The recorded conversations keep coming, and each one makes us all a little more uncomfortable, but history says we all seem to get over it. I am sure that is what the Governor is counting on.

So, what if the Governor misused government money to hide the affair? That is another issue all together. If that is proven then he has no choice but to resign, right? Well current day situations say proving that in court could take years, and by the time it is all settled he will be done with his term.

No matter what, a good portion of Alabama state politics continues to be a carnival side show. The latest instance is a great example of that.  Interestingly enough I think the most disturbing news that came out about the Governors office in the last two weeks is not a possible extra marital affair, but the huge pay raises that he gave cabinet members. With the events of this past week, perhaps equal attention should still be on that action by Governor Bentley.

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