Editorial: Good week in the River Region

Editorial: Good week in the River Region

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In the middle of a 'wish-we-could-forget' couple of weeks for state politics, it was a really good week for the River Region. Montgomery hosted two great events this week. While very different, they both showcased the positive and powerful direction that this city is going in.

Tuesday Riverwalk Stadium, the City of Montgomery and the Biscuits hosted the eighth annual Capital City Classic baseball game, pitting Alabama against Auburn. This year the game brought in a near record crowd for any event at the stadium. This is not only a great revenue boost for the downtown economy but also a great opportunity for fans of both schools to see their teams play without having to travel or shell out a ton of money.

Wednesday was a much more serious event that shed more light on a topic that many chose not to talk about.

Envision 2020 held a Mental Health Conference that had many great speakers and was headlined by U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy. He also delivered a great speech at the AUM business breakfast earlier in the day.

Mental health, the lack of awareness and acceptance of the disease, is a problem across our country, and Alabama is close to the bottom when it comes to addressing the issues. The conference is a way to shed light on the issue and to hopefully spur discussion to help Alabama be more responsible when dealing with the disease.

This is again is an example of the citizens of the River Region using the resources that the area has to offer and doing great things.

It is easy to focus on the negative that is going on in our area. Sometimes I do it more than most. All in all we had a great week in the River Region, and I know that there are many more to come.

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