Editorial Feedback: Gov. Bentley staying in office

Editorial Feedback: Gov. Bentley staying in office

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - To our editorial suggesting that Governor Robert Bentley may be able to finish his term in office regardless of what happens, we got plenty of feedback, most of which was negative, but expressed from different points of view.

Most prominent was the effect on the State of Alabama.

Heather said:

"It is embarrassing. He is all over the national news making Alabama look bad. Another family values candidate shows they only value their family long enough to get elected."

Susan added:

"His sex life on the job is not his business when it concerns the people of Alabama and tax dollars. There is a way you carry yourself, and he's proven himself to be a liar."

Some comments comparing Bentley to other beleaguered leaders couldn't be repeated, but Janet's typified the sentiment:

"Well if Obama can stay in office after all the things he's done, why not Bentley? Oh, and let's not forget Bill Clinton."

Sharon found her silver lining and said:

"A totally impotent Governor Bentley may be an improvement. He won't be able to do as much damage as he has done in the past."

Gae was indifferent:

"We have many more important issues in our state and our nation to be worried about. As long as his job performance doesn't suffer, we should leave this in God's court."

And Cheryl's was one of the few forgiving comments:

"I'm all for Governor Bentley. I see no reason why this is even in the news."

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