Editorial: The session is winding down

Editorial: The session is winding down

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The legislative session is in the home stretch, and with all eyes focused on the governor, legislators and their progress,or lack thereof, has gone somewhat unnoticed.

It does seem another year of special sessions is about to unfold.

The legislature passed a budget that does not properly fund Medicaid and does not offer any help to many other agencies that are working at well below recommended standards. Remember that last statement when you are stuck behind yet another semi-truck accident on the interstate and it takes several hours to clean it up. That does not happen in states that have properly funded and staffed state law enforcement agencies.

For a reason that is beyond me the vast majority of the elected leaders of this state, and many of the citizens, refuse to see that the state is not funding the basic needs of its citizens.

The Republican establishment hates the lottery, so that is out. What's left are the options of continuing to erode, or taxes. Most, including myself, don't want to give more money to a government that has absolutely proven to not be able to manage the money, but we have to fund the basic needs and Medicaid is one of those basic needs for many hard working or retired citizens.

My guess is that we will be talking about this for months to come. So, if you are frustrated or happy with the budget or the session, tell your state senator or state representative, do not let their lack of solutions silence your voice as we voted these politicians into office.

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