Weather Blog: Rain knocking on the door

Weather Blog: Rain knocking on the door

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The brief early morning sunshine was nice while it lasted, wasn't it? Clouds are quickly overspreading the area as a batch of steady rain heads in our direction. We'll be entering a fairly wet period that could carry us all the way into Friday. Get those umbrellas ready. We'll need them.

TODAY: The leading edge of the main rain shield is now working into southwest Alabama. A random raindrop or two will remain possible ahead of this, but that southwest batch will be the main area of rain later today. This first wave will allow a soaking rain to develop for many, heaviest across south Alabama with rain developing after noon for many. I'm thinking much of central Alabama should just see light to briefly moderate rain from this as it appears the rain with any real intensity will favor south versus north. Severe weather is NOT expected out of this.

Showers will continue off/on (with a lot more on across south Alabama) into the afternoon and evening. We're dealing with low pressure hanging around the region that will be in no hurry to scoot our of here. That will keep us wet at time through the night and beyond.

REST OF THE WEEK: As the low hovers, additional waves of rain and rumbles will develop throughout Thursday and Thursday night. This won't be a steady all day kind of rain, but rather a period where the chance of rain will remain elevated for an extended duration of time.

That could result in pockets where a good 1-2" of additional rainfall can be expected. That's not enough for a flooding concern. Severe weather into Thursday also appears highly unlikely, with the exception of perhaps a few breaks for sunshine between rainy episodes later Thursday that could spark some small hail with cold air aloft. Highly questionable at this point.

Rain sticks around to a lesser extent Friday.

THIS WEEKEND: There is some evidence that a few clouds may try and stick around early Saturday across our eastern counties, but the general trend will be toward drier and sunnier weather this weekend.

That should allow highs to climb to around 80 degrees by Monday.

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