Catholic Students Attend Memorial Mass

It was a day of mourning and reflection at Catholic High School in Montgomery. The first time students came together to remember the Pope's powerful accomplishments and his legacy.

This time, the congregation didn't come to him - he came to the congregation. Instead of delivering his message in his church, Father David Tokarz brought his message to the gym of Catholic High School. "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

The students here are accustomed to attending mass at school about once a week, but usually middle and high school students worship separately. This time, they all came together grades seven through twelve to hear what Father Tokarz had to say about the Pope. "He said be not afraid. Be not afraid to be the Saints of the new millennium. Why not? Why not? There's not a person in this chapel, this gym, that couldn't."

And, he didn't stop there. Father Tokarz put out another challenge for the students to consider living the life of the Pope in other ways. "There are people here who probably have a call to religious life or the priesthood. Why not? Some of you may think 'Well, I can't do that. After all I'd have to give up so much and it would be so hard. It would be much easier just to get married and just be more pleasurable and everything else.' Look again. All that matters is are you doing what you're called to do because if not you're not going to be happy."

And, while these students may not grow up to be nuns or priests or even Pope one day. They said this time together helped them a lot with their grief. Senior Marie Pruett said "I thought it was amazing how like there's just a difference in today's mass, cause everybody like paid more attention and everybody was a lot more into it than usual."

There will be a memorial mass at St. Peter's Church downtown Thursday at 6:30. Afterwards, the church staff will answer questions about the time honored traditions within the Catholic Church ."