Editorial Feedback: Shortcomings of the General Fund Budget

Editorial Feedback: Shortcomings of the General Fund Budget

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Earlier this week I talked about the legislature and the shortcomings of the General Fund Budget. There were several well thought out responses. Here are a few.

Cathy's response was longer and very interesting here is a small portion:

"I don't believe in giving hand out after hand out to people who do not want to bring themselves up. I do believe that if you teach them how to feed themselves and push them out they can succeed. What is owed to everyone is education, a trade, a way to make your own way."

Lanny disagrees with my thoughts:

"Where is the extra money going to come from? The people don't want to raise taxes and have voted them down. Thank God Alabama has a balanced budget law. They can only fund what the people allow them to work with."

I will finish with Marc. He has the solution to the state's problems:

"Gambling and cannabis would generate something close to $700 million in tax revenue. Some in this state would rather live in the past. We can't compete with any states close to us. We stink at almost every category in every list of any importance."

Thank you all for the responses. To see these and more, like WSFA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Have a great weekend.

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