ACTWorld uses ShopSite, the Internet's premier online business creation solution. Internet leaders worldwide like Lycos.com, Verio, Micron/HostPro, Infostrada and Cable and Wireless use ShopSite to offer small to medium businesses an easy to use, powerful, online store-building solution.

Small to medium sized businesses that use ShopSite enjoy a product that lets them easily set up an online store in just 15 minutes. With its powerful and flexible feature set, ShopSite provides businesses the tools they need to grow to any size and be successful.

With ShopSite, small to medium businesses can:

  • Set up a store easily using ShopSite's intuitive interface
  • Commerce-enable an existing web site
  • Administer the store with no software to download
  • Create a successful online store with effective merchandising and unique look and feel

Small/Medium Business Benefits
As a small/medium sized business, you have an online store for one reason: to make money. ShopSite was designed from the ground up with that in mind. For this reason more small- to medium-sized businesses (30,000+) have relied on ShopSite than any other Internet Commerce product.

Simple and Fast - With ShopSite, you can easily create an online store from scratch or commerce-enable your existing site in a matter of minutes - without installing anything on your home/business computer.

Powerful and Flexible - ShopSite is much more than just an easy way to gain a presence on the web. ShopSite can help you turn an online venture into an online success with innovative merchandising tools, comprehensive commerce capabilities, and other industry-leading tools that grow as your business does. ShopSite also allows you to create a store, which has a look and feel unique to your store.

ShopSite will help you:

  • Create an online storefront and catalog without knowing any programming
  • Make your catalog a successful online business through merchandising tools such as an On Sale Module, Product Upsale and Cross-Sell, or Associates Tracking.
  • Work with a web designer to create a unique look and feel for your store using ShopSite's Customizable Templates
  • Collect and process orders securely
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