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Prices apply to on, and off-site training. Travel expenses may be incurred for on-site training outside the local area.

Course prices are based on 10 students at our facility and 12 students at your facility. For more than 12 students at your facility, each additional student will be ½ price. also offers a variety of one-day refresher courses that include highlights of introductory and intermediate classes. These courses are designed to reacquaint students who have previously completed the introductory and intermediate level courses, but have not yet used the material covered.

These courses are available for all advanced level courses offered by

  • Operating Systems and Networking
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphics
  • Databases
  • Office Productivity
  • Internet Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming

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Operating Systems
& Networking
  Course Days  
  UNIX, Introduction 4  
  UNIX, System  Administration 4  
  UNIX, System Security  2  
  Windows NT, Server  4  
  Windows 2000  1  
  Word Processing  
  Course Days  
  MS Word, Introduction 1  
  MS Word, Advanced 1  
  WordPerfect, Introduction 1  
  Wordperfect, Advanced 1  
  Course Days  
  Excel, Introduction 1  
  Excel, Advanced 1  
  Course Days  
  Powerpoint, Introduction  1  
  Powerpoint, Advanced  1  
  Course Days  
  Access System Development  4  
  Microsoft SQL Server, Introduction  4  
  Microsoft SQL Server, Database Administration  4  
  Structured Query Language (SQL), Introduction  2  
  Structured Query Language (SQL), Advanced  2  
  Office Productivity  
  Course Days  
  Basic Office Automation 4  
  Microsoft Office Professional 4  
  Configuration Management Basics 1  

MSProject: Executive Overview

  MSProject: Introduction 2  
  MSProject: Advanced 1  
  MSProject: Advanced BYOP 1  
  Internet Development  


  Surfing the Internet 1  
  HTML, Introduction 1  
  HTML, Advanced 1  
  HTML Applied 1  
  Web Design 1  
  Software Engineering  
  Course Days  
  Logical Database Design 4  
  Object-Oriented Analysis 2  
  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 4  
  Object-Oriented Design 2  
  Software Engineering Principles 2  
  Software Testing Strategies 2  
  Course Days  
  C++, Introduction 4  
  C++, Intermediate 4  
  C++, Advanced 4  
  C++ Windows Programming 4  
  COBOL, Introduction 4  
  COBOL, Intermediate 4  
  COBOL, Advanced 4  
  Javascript, Introduction 4  
  Visual Basic, Introduction 4  
  Visual Basic, Advanced 4  
  Introduction to Visual Interdev 4  
  Turbo Pascal, Introduction 4