When it comes to providing the backbone of the Internet, your web site is the key to your success. From the very start when our Sales department provides you with a written analysis of recommendation, we take you through each step to ensure that your company is receiving the utmost of attention to detail.

Each item in our quote is individually listed to ensure mutual understanding of the site. Allow and it's award winning Graphic Designers to provide a first rate site that will have you seeing immediate returns.

  • The Web Site Development Process Initial Meeting - This is where our Sales Department sits down with you and discovers your goals and how can best accomplish them.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement - We realize that your company will be disclosing private information and we want you to feel confident in that decision. Therefore, we provide a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that provides you with the extra piece of mind of added security.
  • Needs Analysis - Our Sales Department will provide you with a written Analysis of our discussion in the initial meeting and our recommendations for your website.
  • Quote - Our company provides a quote that ensures you are receiving individual service and attention to detail.
  • Web Site Agreement - Once your site is ready to launch, we want you to understand that the data and content is yours! You are free to use it in any manner.
  • Content - By gathering the complete content for the web site, we can better see how the pieces will fit together. Without receipt of all the content, it's hard to create a site that will be visually appealing.
  • Preliminary Approval - Here, we make sure that the layout we have started meets your needs. We usually provide the home page in its initial phase and one additional page.
  • Final Approval - At this point we let you check the entire site over and let us know of any additional changes or corrections that need to be done. After that, you're ready to launch your new site!

We at believe in customer relationships and pride ourselves on satisfied customers. It's important to understand that we never feel a website is complete. After we've launched your site, we will continue to offer suggestions to enhancing it.

We see the development of a website as a mutual partnership and want you to receive maximum benefit. Web Site Maintenance ACTWorldnet believes that forming a strategic partnership also means providing ongoing service and support.

We offer three money saving maintenance plans.

  • Bronze Plan - 2 hours of web site updates per month Save $50/month
  • Silver Plan - 3 hours of web site updates per month Save $60/month
  • Gold Plan - 4 hours of web site updates per month Save $70/month

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