Online shoppers find ways to get deep discounts

Online shoppers find ways to get deep discounts

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A lot of consumers turn to the internet when they want to find bargains these days but there are some deeper discounts to be found there, if you know where to look.

Most Amazon shoppers know how to find secret deals on by using coupons on the home page. Did you know about typing "Amazon Family" into the search box though? That's how you'll find deeper, secret savings on family-oriented products.
You don't have to be an Amazon Prime member to score the site's secret savings. Kyle James of Rather Be says any Amazon customer can use the Amazon tracking site camel, camel
For example, let's say you buy a $400 TV from Amazon and you track that purchase on camel, camel and see the TV's price suddenly d ropped to $350. Remember, Amazon offers every customer a seven day price protection that will pay you back that price d rop!
James says you can either start a live chat session or you can call their customer service line, let them know about the price d rop and they're going to refund that $50 back to your credit card.
Other retailers will sometimes price-match, if you have the proof. Blogger Jessica White scoped out a television at Best Buy for $2100, 
but then she found it on for $600 cheaper!

White says she took her phone to Best Buy and they price-matched it and was able to go home that same day with a cheaper TV.

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