Editorial: Who said Trump should get out?

Editorial: Who said Trump should get out?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Here we are on knocking on the front door of the Republican convention, and who is there to answer the door? Donald Trump.

I said last December that Trump should get out of the race. I said that he lacked diplomacy and that his outlandish comments were unfitting a president. I also said that in the end he could never win the Republican nomination. On the last statement I was obviously wrong.

Over the last six months the overwhelming majority of the Republican party has said that Donald Trump is exactly what is needed to change the way politics are played in Washington. The name calling, the over exaggerated promises, and the endless twitter rants have struck a chord with many Republicans from all parts of the country.

I have to admit that I too am fed up with the lack of cooperation, endless spending, and the lack of results that come from Washington. Donald Trump has spent his life brokering deals and compromising for the good of the deal. That is what all want isn't it? In the end though I don't think that is what sold all those people on him. I really do think it was the public disregard for those who are in his way.

For the next five months we will be watching Hillary Clinton battle it out with Mr. Trump to be the next leader of the country. If nothing else it will be entertaining to watch. Secretary Clinton comes with her own unique personality and history. The primary races have been full of firsts. I am sure that there will be more fireworks to come, because if I have learned anything, I have learned that no one knows what he is going to say next.

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