Historic Bishop Parker building to become hotel

Historic Bishop Parker building to become hotel
(Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Bishop Parker Furniture has sold it's historic building downtown.

Built in 1907, the building has housed the company's warehouse discount store and served as a storage and shipping center since 1993.

"At the time there were no Biscuits, no restaurants really. People thought we were crazy to locate a furniture store downtown, nobody came downtown
for anything," recalls John Parker, sales manager for the warehouse. "But we have built it up and the city has kinda followed and downtown has expanded of course and we have enjoyed a lot of success here."

The company has been trying to sell the 100,000 square foot building for three years, and it finally has sold. The new owners Ascent Hospitality, a Georgia based company, plans to redevelop the four-story building into a hotel.

"The Bishop-Parker Building is a significant redevelopment opportunity, and we are excited about what this transaction means for Downtown Montgomery," said Carter Burwell, JLL Vice President.

"There's no chance it will be torn down, it's going to be improved quite a bit. There's a lot of exciting changes downtown all together, and I think the future use of this building will be a big part of that," said Parker.

Mayor Todd Strange also says we will have to wait for the owners to announce the plans for the building, but he agrees the changes will have nothing but a positive impact to the area.

"It continues to add people into the downtown equation. Anytime you are adding people that means it's revenue, taxation, and vibrancy and that's been the mission all along; to get people to get out of their homes and enjoy all of the things that are going on in our great city," said Strange.

Now as far as the warehouse is concerned, Bishop Parking is just moving it. We're told there will be no jobs lost. In fact, owners hope to expand the company with the move.

Bishop Parker's main store, located on Mcghee Road and the bypass in front of the One Center, is staying.

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