Editorial: Inmate strike

Editorial: Inmate strike

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For most of May inmates at several Alabama prisons have been on strike. On the surface they are striking because they are not getting paid for work performed while in prison.

For that I say, "Get back to work."

The amount of money that it costs to incarcerate you is way more than what your salary would pay for.

If we look a little deeper though we see that the real issue is the prisons themselves.

Most are at almost 200% of capacity. Most are extremely outdated facilities that are understaffed and lacking the ability to supply basic needs. The issues that are caused by the deplorable conditions are really what these inmates are striking about.

The legislature, again, was not able to agree on a prison bill brought forth by Governor Bentley that would ease the overcrowding and even help to provide proper care for the thousands of mentally ill inmates who should be in separate facilities.

While I feel the inmates are wrong to strike, I agree with them that attention must be put on the issues that state officials have allowed to go on involving prisons.

To the legislature I would say the same to you that I would say to striking inmates, "Get back to work."

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