New device provides independence for legally blind

WSFA/NBC - For people suffering with macular degeneration or glaucoma the aging process can include loss of sight. There's a new device out there that's providing new hope.

The device is called the OR-CAM. For 94-year old Georgia Prudler, it's been a life changer. She was diagnosed with macular degeneration 10-years-ago and now she's legally blind.
"It was hard," Prudler said. "It was so gradual and then I realized I couldn't see any of my 22 great grandchildren and their faces."

The OR-CAM won't fix her vision, but opens up some new avenues for independence. UC Davis combines a miniature smart camera with a pair of glasses. It turns a picture into words. It can actually read things for you. It can be helpful from everything to determining which dollar bill you're holding to which medicine bottle you're holding.

The manufacturer sells the OR-CAM for $2,500.
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