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Beat the heat by making sure AC is ready

(Source: NBC File Video) (Source: NBC File Video)

The heat is pretty much here. So is your AC ready? There are several things you can look for right now.
“If you’re having issues with the indoor unit freezing up or the outdoor unit literally having ice freeze up on the outside unit, that means you have a Freon problem,” said Bryan Anderson with United Heating and Air. “That’s something a technician needs to check. When it’s not running efficiently it’s eating you up on power costs.”
Alabama Power says half of its customers monthly power bills go to heating and cooling homes. Proper insulation could be a big money saver here.
“Having insulation blown in by a reputable contractor is just like putting a blanket on a bed. It makes everything you are paying for air wise, either heating or cooling, stay inside the house.” Anderson says.
Here’s something else to consider when you set your thermostat.
“The equipment is designed to give a 25 degree split. That means if it’s 100 degrees outside, the best it’ll do is 75 degrees on the inside. If you’re asking it to do more than the 25 degree split, you’re working that piece of equipment beyond what it’s designed to do.” Anderson says.
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