Editorial: Overachieving should be celebrated

Editorial: Overachieving should be celebrated

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I was watching a news clip from Dallas last night and saw a story that reminded me that I have not seen everything.

Plano High School, an affluent suburban high school, does not allow its Honor Society members to wear their white collars during graduation and be recognized for their achievements. The stance taken by the administration is that others might not feel included. This falls in line with what I think is the continuation of the participation trophy generation. Some over involved parent didn't want their kid who didn't work as hard to feel left out.

They should be left out. Left out because they did not work as hard. Left out because those who made it worked harder and spent hours and hours missing events and parties so that they could achieve the honor.

I can already hear my Sanders supporting friends, and I do have some. They might tell me that there shouldn't even be an Honor Society as it is just another way of separating us. I think that is garbage.

Those kids worked hard to earn something that others had the opportunity to earn and didn't. They should be celebrated by the school and their peers.

We should all want to win.

Celebrate the winners. Console and encourage the losers. With encouragement and the understanding of loss, winning or achievement in any part of life becomes more important to any of us.

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