Editorial: The presidential race is set

Editorial: The presidential race is set

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It took longer than most expected on the Democratic side, and a year ago nobody would have predicted the Republican nominee, but we are finally down to two main candidates.

I don't want to slight the Libertarians in the area but, really, two candidates with the backing to win. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are our candidates for President of the United States of America. I saw that headline last night and immediately thought "What just happened?"

What happened on the Democratic side is Secretary Clinton was anointed the candidate eight years ago. She has done her best to make that an indefensible position... so much so that she was pushed hard by a candidate who more resembles a Socialist than a Democrat. Nevertheless, here we are.

Donald Trump and the total chaos that has taken over the Republican Party have been the real story of the primaries. Republicans in large numbers are saying "enough is enough", not just to a Democratic president but to their own leadership. These Republicans want wholesale change, and for now they believe Donald Trump is the man to deliver it.

The truth is that the most qualified are not running for president. They see what is going on in Washington and are staying far away. The end of this movie is still very much a mystery. My prediction is that we all leave on some level, disappointed.