Local Priest Speaks About Conclave for a New Pope

Black smoke signaled no new Pontiff. It was no surprise for Father James dean. He says during the first vote the Cardinals probably, "Compliment a lot of the cardinals in their capacities and what they have done and achieved and what god has done through them. They probably spread the vote around ."

The 115 red robed Cardinals swear oaths of secrecy. "They have to disguise their handwriting. He swears before god this is the candidate he thinks would be best for the papacy," says Father Dean.

The presumption is German born Joseph Ratzinger the cardinal closest to pope john Paul received the most votes today. Father dean has met Ratzinger a few times. Dean says right now, if he had a vote, it would go to cardinal Ratzinger. "He is linguistically skilled also and would be very clear in his teachings," says Father Dean.

One of the concerns over cardinal Ratzinger is that he had a brief membership in the Nazi youth movement. Father Dean says, "He was forced into the military but deserted it after a few months. His family fought the occupation of the nazis."

Whoever is chosen, Father Dean says he must leave his own legacy rather than live in the shadow of pope john Paul. "Exhibiting whatever gifts and graces god has given them and live that out. They have to realize they are not trying to imitate him in everything but their call to live their own papacy and leave a mark on the church in that way."

Along with the eyes of the world, father dean is watching and waiting for the white smoke to rise above the Sistine chapel. He says, "These are exciting and interesting times in the church and the world."