Editorial: Chaos on the House floor in Washington

Editorial: Chaos on the House floor in Washington

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Wednesday and deep into the early morning hours Thursday House Democrats posed a sit-in over the Speaker of the House not allowing gun control legislation to come to a vote.  Similar legislation had been voted on and was defeated in the Senate earlier.

On the surface, depending on which side of the aisle you stand, this is either the Republicans standing up for gun owners' rights or Democrats standing up for victims' rights. In the end it is neither.

In the end it is select members from both parties who are so out of touch that they can't even produce and vote on a simple piece of legislation that polls say 90% of all Americans believe in.

People on the no fly list or who are under investigation for terrorism should not be able to purchase a gun. That does not seem hard to me. It is though, because the far left wants more and the far right can't imagine agreeing with anything that the far left would agree to.

So here we are. The legislature is in recess for the 4th of July holiday, and the easiest of bills can't even get to a vote.

I have not read the proposed bill I will admit that. It may be a bill that Republicans cannot agree with. I am ok with that, but vote on it. Tell your constituents where you stand and why. Defeat it if necessary and then come up with a bill that will work for all parties that will keep no fly list persons and suspected terrorist from purchasing a gun.

You were all sent there to do a job and that job was to discuss issues, vote on and make laws that are in the best interest of Americans. If you can't get this one right what can you get right.

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