Editorial: Supreme Court immigration ruling

Editorial: Supreme Court immigration ruling

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There have been several rulings by the Supreme Court in the last few weeks. The abortion rights ruling involving Texas has gotten the most press. It should, as it has an effect on several other states including Alabama.

There was another ruling that I was paying close attention to though. The Supreme Court was deadlocked four to four on President Obama's attempt to grant de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants via executive order. The deadlock upheld a lower court's ruling to block the attempt by the president.

U.S Representative Martha Roby released this statement about the Ruling:

"The Supreme Court's decision affirms the separation of powers, one of the most fundamental governing principles in our Constitution. The president cannot legislate or rule like a king. I believe this decision sends a strong message to President Obama and future presidents that constitutional order and the rule of law must prevail in this country.

While I agree with the entire statement, the last part is the one that I have experience with.

Amnesty has been tried and it does not work. I have seen firsthand the positive effects that Mexican immigrants have on our economy and the countries growth. The rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina is a great example.

I have also seen the negative that comes with an unsecure border. I have seen the drug running, the theft, and even the murders that come with open borders. Laws that are in place must be enforced. New laws should be put in place that help those who want to come here to make a living, pay taxes and abide by our laws.

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