Saving Money - Transportation

As we continue our month-long look at ways to save. Friday's money-saving tips are for anyone who has a car!

Some of these may seem like they should go without saying, but maybe if you hear it again, you'll remember and save!

It sounds simple, but if you keep your car in good working order, it'll be safer and it'll cost less to operate. Check your oil, transmission, and brake fluid levels with each fill up.  That way you can spot problems before they becomes serious.  Have timing and other belts replaced at a regular intervals before they break and cause major damage and more money.

Learn how to do some of your own car maintenance chores.  Change your own oil and oil and air filters. But, if you have the slightest difficulty with mechanical things,  have someone else do it.  It's better to pay for initial fixes and repairs then to have someone else fix a mess!

Walk more, drive less! You'll save gasoline and wear and tear on your car and, you'll improve your health.  Form a car pool to go to work, to meetings, and even on shopping trips.  Each time you get in the car, ask yourself if the trip is really necessary.

Make a list of things to do and buy before you go running errands. You'll save time and expenses. Forgetting and making second trips are costly.