Editorial Feedback: Gun control compromise

Editorial Feedback: Gun control compromise

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In our editorial after the Orlando shootings it was suggested that "assault rifles and high magazine clips have no place in the public sector" and outlawing them and only them may be the only way to "get them off the streets".  We had these responses:

Preston said:

"… you have no right to say that high capacity magazines should not be in the private sector. That makes you as bad as the gun grabbing activists. Who has the right to determine what capacity magazines we have?"

Brian wrote:

"The second amendment wasn't written with the idea of hunting in mind. We have no worries of the deer and rabbits getting the drop on us, however, a treasonous government is a horse of a much different color."

John added:

"There can be no middle ground when it comes to the 2nd Amendment...  Next it would be to get rid of all semi-autos then anything that holds more than one round."

Sierra said:

"Drugs are illegal and my town is full of them. So making any type of gun illegal won't do a thing. It will just put them in the hands of criminals and the people that use them for hunting or for protection will just be a sitting duck."

Gge wrote:

"Just as locks are for honest people. So are rifles, shotguns, and pistols. There are no bad guns. Only bad people who use guns for bad purposes."

As always, we appreciate your comments.