Couples using marital counseling more often

Couples using marital counseling more often

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We've all heard the statistics over the years, more than 40 percent of marriages end up in divorce. Now there's another number to consider, and it's some good news when it comes to keeping families together.

Family therapists say more couples are considering marital counseling these days. So how do you know if your marriage needs help?

"One of the most obvious signs that your marriage is in trouble is that you're arguing constantly and overly critical of your spouse," said marriage therapist Brandi McNew.

Some other warning signs include withdrawing from your spouse, withdrawing from your family, and keeping secrets. Family therapists want you to realize you're not the only couple going through this.

"In our first appointment the first step is to help alleviate any concerns. We let them know their marriage is just like others. Marriage is hard and it takes work to keep it going. The things you experience, everyone else does too."

McNew says one reason people avoid marital counseling is because they're worried the counselor will take sides. She says she always takes the side of the marriage, doing whatever she can to try and save it.

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