Repton Soldier Remembered

Heads bow in prayer for the men and women at war, for those who've returned safely, and for one- Troy Jenkins, who gave his life for others. His mother, Connie Gibson, says, "He always told me, 'Mom, I would help anybody who needed help.' All his friends, when they found out how Troy had died, said the same thing, 'That sounds like something troy would do.'"

Connie Gibson built a memorial in her front yard; and she says it's not just for her son, but for all soldiers. Martha Falkenberry, friend to Connie Gibson and mother to a deployed soldier, says "I'm thankful that we have men and women who will go over there and fight to keep those people free, as we are here."

Veterans from previous wars are helping Connie deal with the loss and see that her son's legacy isn't forgotten. Retired Command Seargeant Major, Robert Young, "This is something that should touch-- well, I'll say veterans first-- and a lot of Americans's hearts because when you got a young man that's made the ultimate sacrifice like he did, that's something everybody should be looking at."

Connie Gibson adds, "I'll miss my son every second of every minute of every day for the rest of my life, but i know where he is." Gibson wants her son awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest combat recognition.