Editorial Response: Attorney General Luther Strange

Editorial Response: Attorney General Luther Strange

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I'm Attorney General Luther Strange.

As Alabama's chief law enforcement official, it is my duty to uphold and defend our laws, and I've made fighting public corruption a top priority.

I am proud of the team of prosecutors I've assembled to hold officials accountable when they break the public trust and misuse their office for personal gain.

One example is the recent conviction of former House Speaker Mike Hubbard on 12 felony ethics counts.  It doesn't stop there.  My office has also secured many other corruption convictions involving misuse of taxpayer money.

I was, therefore, disappointed when a recent WSFA editorial appeared to call into question the need to prosecute elected officials who have committed serious crimes, describing such prosecutions as a "waste of taxpayer's dollars."

Alabamians demand that our laws be enforced and lawbreakers be brought to account.  Imagine the result if my office decided not to prosecute serious crimes because of the expense?

Yes, the cost of enforcing the law can be high, but the alternative is to ignore those who would break the law and abuse the public's trust.

That is unacceptable, and will not happen so long as I am Alabama's Attorney General.

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