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Summer of the Redeemers
by Carolyn Haines
Along with the sweltering heat of the Mississippi pine barrens, the summer of 1963 brings intruders to Kali Oka Road: The Blood of the Redeemer churchers, members of a secretive religious sect, and Nadine Andrews, a single woman of marrying age more interested in her horses than starting a family. Both threaten the predictable sameness of this rural, tightly knit community. And both provide irresistible temptation for thirteen-year-old Bekkah Rich, who is willing to risk hell fire in her efforts to spy on the newcomers. But then her best friend's baby sister disappears, surrounding Bekkah in a web of kidnapping and murder. Suddenly, summertime antics become deadly serious, and those who were once a curiosity are now tainted with evil.
Author Biography

A native of Lucedale, Mississippi, Carolyn Haines is a former journalist. She has written numerous works of fiction, including a series of mysteries set in the Mississippi Delta. Her latest mystery is Hallowed Bones. She is the author of My Mother's Witness: The Peggy Morgan Story (River City Publishing, 2003), and her latest short story appears in an Algonquin collection, Christmas in the South. For more information about Carolyn Haines's work, visit her Web site, www.carolynhaines.com.

Outbound: The Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston
By Charlie Geer
When from the sheer weight of humanity and its assorted accouterments the Charleston Peninsula broke off from mainland South Carolina and began floating out to sea, among the last to notice were those persons trapped on board the unlikely vessel. . . .

So begins the tale of latter-day Charleston and its curious secession. The schism occurs when the Sportsman's Jamboree (including Hunters for Jesus), the Bravado Arts Festival, and the Tri-County Mini-Storage Convention converge on the city at once. Native Charlestonians (those "born right the first time")

and an accumulation of tourists-or "cumyahs"-and carpetbaggers now find themselves unbound from the conventions of family, community, even geography. Following the course of the errant island and its inhabitants as they wrestle with the new reality of living a life adrift, Charlie Geer presents a masterful and hilarious send-up of the nuances of entrenched society and the foibles of the human condition.

Author Biography

A native of Charleston, Charlie Geer received a BA in English from the College of Charleston in 1994. Before earning an MFA from the University of Florida in 2001, he worked by turns as a circus roustabout, an orchard keeper, a commercial fisherman, a high-school teacher, and a carpenter. He now teaches at the College of Charleston, where he also serves as an assistant editor for the literary journal Crazyhorse. Recent summers have found him traveling throughout Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. He has received fellowships from the University of Florida and the South Carolina Academy of Authors and is a past winner of the South Carolina Fiction Project and the Piccolo Fiction Open. His work has appeared in Tin House, The Sun, and Bloomsbury Magazine. This is his first [published!] novel.