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More Ways to Save on Your Clothes

  • Rest Your Shoes. You can extend the life of pairs of shoes by alternating between two pairs.
  • Toothpaste will often remove ink from your clothing.
  • Use cold water in your rinse cycle when washing clothes. Cold water helps clothes retain their shape and color.
  • Women, if you have small feet and are looking for tennis shoes, hiking boots, or orer sports related shoes, try the boy's department. You can often find shoes there at half the cost of the women's section.
  • Buy your winter clothes in summer and your summer clothes in winter. You can often find great deals at regular stores, thrift shops, and yard sales for out of season clothes.
  • Change your worn out long sleeve shirts or jeans into summer wear. For clothes that are otherwise wearable except for worn out knees or cuffs on shorts, just shorten and hem and make short sleeve shirts or shorts before buying new ones.
  • Get your shoes re-heeled. Replacing the heels at a shoe shop is quite a bit cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes.
  • Never pay full price for clothes. By a little shopping around you can often find what you need some kind of discount price.
  • Always plan your shopping. Don't buy clothes on impulse. Buy only what you already have the money to pay for. A good rule of thumb that helps many people is wait. If you find something you've just got to have for your wardrobe. Go home and wait 24 hours. You'll often find you don't really need it at all.
  • Set aside money for your clothes budget in an envelope. Take only this envelope with you to the stores. Leave your credit cards and checkbook at home.
  • Never buy more clothes than you really need. How many dresses, shirts, shoes do you have in your closet that you've worn once in two years?
  • It is cheaper to wash more and buy less when it comes to clothes for kids.
  • Stay away from the latest trends. That cool piece you bought last summer will be out of style next year. Buy clothes with intent for them to last a number of years.
  • Coordinate your wardrobe with interchangeable pieces. It's many times cheaper to buy one blouse that can go with many skirts than to buy a blouse each time you buy a skirt.
  • Sew your own clothes.
  • Iron your own clothes instead of taking them to the cleaners
  • If cutting/hemming a garment, use the scrap material to make coordinating hair ties, scarves, cloth belts.
  • Buy socks of the same brand and color so, when the infamous sock thief that always manages to run off with one of a pair of socks hits your house, you can still find a match for the sock left behind.
  • Wash silk blouses and sweaters in cold water. They don't need to be dry cleaned
  • Have shoes resoled
  • Put patches on worn spots in sweaters or pants.
  • Replace buttons on clothes instead of buying an all new shirt, blouse, etc. You can find a set of buttons much more cheaply than a new item of clothing.
  • Spray ties with fabric protector spray so you'll rarely have to dry clean them.
  • Take off your good clothes as soon as you are home and hang them up right a way so they will not get wrinkled.
  • Polish shoes before you wear them to help them from getting scratches.
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