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Editorial: Make something happen

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Governor Bentley has called a special session. That is not new information for anyone. I have stood here repeatedly and complained about the costs of special sessions at the tax payers expense, but for now that ship has sailed. Medicaid is not funded, and other funding issues are still around, so we have a special session. Lottery is the big topic this time as it has been for some time. I have seen poll after poll in the last two weeks that overwhelmingly want lawmakers to put the lottery issue on the ballot.

I have also read over and over again that where the money would be spent is now the issue with lawmakers and not as much the moral dilemma. Governor Bentley wants the revenue to go to the General Fund with no earmarks. Others want it earmarked to the Education Fund so that other money could be diverted back to the General Fund. Isn’t that kind of the same thing?

In the end the lottery will not fix all of our budgetary woes. It will help though. Today instead of complaining about a special session I will say this to legislators. I know that you all want good things for our state.  Take advantage of your time together. Take responsibility for the money being spent, and come out of this special session with real progress for our state. Get the lottery on the ballot in November. Come up with other answers for Medicaid funding. Give the state and the people who voted for you a chance to say,“Our lawmakers made something happen.” 

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