Despite Mistake, One Parent Still Supports Therapeutic Recreation Center

Christian moor's story hit home with Janice Dunman. "Naturally, it upset me," says Dunman.

Dunman's son, Stephen, has special needs. For 15 years, he has gone to Therapeutic Recreation Center after school. Dunman says, "I've never seen them treat children other than with the utmost respect."

Dunman knows the children at the center need special attention and extra care, but doesn't know what happened last week when someone left Christian behind. "They would never do anything to jeopardize the safety or health of a child," says Dunman.

The center has admitted someone made a mistake. It's director completed a detailed investigation. Now three employees will face a disciplinary hearing. Dunman says, "I know these three individuals. I know their love for these children. I know their heart and care for these children."

Dunman knows Thelma Richardson must have felt helpless when she could not find her son. Despite the mistake, Dunman still feels safe leaving her son in the center's care. She says, "I would trust any of these three individuals today with my child."

Mrs. Dunman says she does feel the three employees should face some punishment, but hopes they won't lose their jobs.

The bus driver and two other employees who were on the bus will go before a disciplinary hearing on Friday at oak park.

The employees could find out their punishment as early as Friday afternoon. That punishment could be anything from counseling to termination.

The Therapeutic Recreation Center is under the parks and recreation board. They have turned down our requests for interviews at this time.