Editorial Feedback: Lottery

Editorial Feedback: Lottery

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - Last week I discussed the special session and called upon lawmakers to listen to the public and at least put the lottery on the ballot.  Poll after poll has shown that the overwhelming majority think it should go to a vote. Here are a few responses from you about that subject.

Vivian says,

"It is time they realize that the people of Alabama can only pay so much in taxes and look at raising money from people who are passing through our state or having an attraction like a lottery to bring people to the state to spend money."

Patty has concerns on how the money is spent.

"My problem is letting it go to the General Fund, is that we can't trust our legislators to responsibly allocate that money."

Paula knows exactly where the money should go.

"Why not split it this way, 25% Education, 25% Medicaid, 25% General Fund, and 25% to State Troopers."

LaTonya offered the only no lottery comment.

"If it is not for education then I am not voting for it."

No matter what you think about the lottery it should be Alabama citizens who decide. Call or email your legislator today and let them know where you stand.

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