Editorial: Engage with your student

Editorial: Engage with your student

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Buses are on the roads. School zone lights are flashing. I waved to my favorite crossing guard this morning. School is in and summer fun is over for another year.

For parents the end of summer is often a good thing. Kids are in school and occupied for most of the day and parents can get back into a routine.

Hopefully that routine includes being a very active participant in your child's school. Hopefully your routine involves engaging regularly with your child about their day. Statistics show that children whose parents are actively engaged in their education are more likely to make better grades.

Our children's success is very much dependent on our ability to recognize road blocks and obstacles that are in their way. Roadblocks can be as simple as getting to bed on time and as tough as dealing with a social bully. Either way if you pay attention and have the discussions regularly with your kids you can help them navigate their way through the school year, allowing them the best possible opportunity to succeed.

It is the most important thing that is happening in their lives right now, and for that fact alone it should be the most important thing in your life as well.

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